Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is widely regarded and one of India's foremost bands. They have been around for over two decades, and resonate a cult following with their unique sound. Some critics describe Indian Ocean's music as an amalgamation of Contemporary Rock, Indian Classical, Jazz, Folk Music and Fusion integrating themes like spiritualism, activism, environmentalism, the futility of war and mythology. The musical style of the band can be at best classified as folk and fusion music- an experimental genre, fusing raga (traditional Indian tunes) with rock music, guitars and drums, sometimes using Indian folk songs. Best described by some music critics as “Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms mixing shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution”.

When live on stage, the band is known for it's improvisations and formidable energy. They experiment with many folk instruments and styles of playing and create a fresh concoction for the listeners every time.

Genre: Folk Fusion

Band Set: Amit Kilam - Drums and Vocals, Rahul Ram - Bass Guitar and Vocals, Himanshu Joshi - Vocals, Dharmavarapu Nikhil Rao - Guitars, Tuheen  Chakravorty - Tabla and percussion

Date : 12th Dec,  2019/Time 9:00PM






The Local Train is a Hindi Rock Band from New Delhi who write and produce their own music. The band launched 4 singles over a year before releasing their debut album 'Aalas ka Pedh' in 2015. Their second album 'Vaaqif' was released in January 2018 which generated very promising sales and was one of the most streamed independent albums on Apple Music India.

Post the success of their albums, TLT witnessed a huge demand for their live shows and are frequently invited to perform for their fans all over the country. Their YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing channels among the independent artists of the country with 2,96,900 subscribers and over 43 million collective views on 10 official videos.

Band Set:   Ramit Mehra - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, Raman Negi - Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar Sahil Sarin - Drums/Percussion, Paras Thakur - Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Genre:   Hindi Rock

Language:  English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati

Date :   14thDec,  2019 / Time: 9:00 PM

"When a voice like Khalid Ahamed's leads a band, it's impossible for them to remain unsung. But beyond Ahamed's voice, there's a sonic landscape built by the instruments – Kashif Iqbal on guitars, Fidel D'Souza on the bass and Sachin Banandur on the drums. Together, they deliver a mix of progressive, psychedelic and mellow rock." – Rolling Stones India

Their music, while rooted in the best traditions of Rock, takes the listener on uninhibited flights to spaces that traverse folk, blues and psychedelia, wrapped in an ambient sound that is familiar yet elusive. Like rain, their music can sometimes make you feel emotional, sometimes reflective, can sometimes make you brood, can sometimes lift up your spirit and can leave you speechless in the middle of a conversation. Immortalising Kashmiri and Urdu poetry in psychedelic blues-rock, this band has created a world of music that no one has dared to venture into so far.

Band Set:   Mir Kashif Iqbal – Lead Guitars, Khalid Ahamed – Lead Vocals Sachin Banandur – Drums and Percussion, Fidel D'Souza – Bass

Genre:   Blues, Psychedelic, Urdu Rock

Date :   16th Dec, 2019 / Time: 9:00 PM

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